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Your vehicle is an extension and expression of you. But you may not have time to maintain the appearance you want for your vehicle. Dirt, grime, bugs, road and environmental contaminates are things that you don’t want to deal with not to mention the heat and cold…then you want Dign’ Dirt Mobile Detail and Pressure Washing to clean your vehicle for you. We use Eco-friendly biodegradable soaps to clean your vehicle without scratches or swirl marks. Exterior, wheels and tires and interior will be cleaned from a “I just got may vehicle cleaned” to a “showroom shine.”


We use an Eco-Safe Water-less Hand Wash Solution or hand wash hot water low pressure with Eco-Safe soap to thoroughly clean and shine your vehicle. Road and environmental contaminates, dirt, grime, bugs, tar and even water spots are cleaned from your vehicle. Wheels and tires will be cleaned and protected. Our soaps have an bio-polymer base which make your exterior have a negative ionic shield to repeal dirt, grime and contaminates to help protect and make your paint shine. Our Soaps combined with a nice thick carnauba wax will give your vehicle the shine and look that you want.


We vacuum the carpet and upholstery, clean dash and panels, door jambs, windows and floor mats. We clean, condition and protect vinyl to leather seats and add fabric guard sealant. In addition to using Eco-friendly cleaners we utilize steam as a cleaning source that eliminates smells, stains, body oils and other contaminates in you interior. We not only clean the interior of your vehicle but also help to make it a healthy environment for you and your family. Not all stains will come out of fabric, but we will do our best to clean the hardest stains in your vehicle.

Our Tulsa mobile detail company prefers to start with a complete detail and then follow up with a scheduled maintenance service. We have services from our Winter Service, Exterior Wash, Interior Service to complete detail. We also provide Headlight service, Waxing, Engine cleaning and Scratch and Swirl Removal.

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